Flight Facilities feat. Emma Louise - Two Bodies (extended version)

I’m really enjoying things here.

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1/4 of the food I had in class today(Speech 1A). Demo speeches are the best.
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My mind feels as if it ached to behold and know something great—something one and indivisible, and it is only in the faith of this that rocks or waterfalls, mountains or caverns give me the sense of sublimity or majesty! But in this faith all things counterfeit infinity!…It is but seldom that I raise and spiritualize my intellect to this height—and at other times I adopt the Brahman Creed, and say—It is better to sit that to stand, it is better to lie than to sit, it is better to sleep than to wake—but Death is the best of all!—I should much wish, like the Indian Vishna, to float along an infinite ocean cradled in the flower of the Lotus, and wake once in a million years for a few minutes—just to know that I was going to sleep a million years more. Coleridge, 1797-98
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